Saturday, August 9, 2008

Angel & Demons

Imagination King, Dan Brown who brought Da Vinci Code and Deception Point published ambigramical 'Angel & Demons' with Pocket Star Books, New York in 2000. Dan Brown continued with his reputation as Sci-Fi Story Teller with soft hand touch on Sex for excitement. This novel of more than 500 pages focuses on the downfall of Religion with time due to Scientific Inventions. It criticizes the attempts made, by religious leaders, for intensifying the Gods presence.

Angel & Demons states the adventurous journey of Robert Langdon to Vatican City who is reputable professor & symbology expert. Vittoria is a physics scientist who accompanied Robert in her journey of saving Vatican City from the attack of Illuminati. Both defenders had successfully solved the treasure hunt in deciphering the four murder sites related to water, air, fire, earth. The election of Pope in Vatican City is the only motive which resolved in a dramatic way when world came to know about anti-religious group of Illuminati.

Suspense is the main key of Dan Brown which remains in novel till the last page. Novel is a complete set of History, Science and Religion which is signified by three different groups of Illuminati, CERN, and Vatican Church. According to me, this fiction is really appreciable and one should read atleast once. IITians can feel it as a perfect novel which correlates religion and science of a progressive world. I was in trance after reading novel due to unbelievable instances like Illuminati's exposure, Robert's Sky Dive, Vittoria's figure, labeled dead bodies. At last, I personally recommend you to read this thick novel with great determination for an exciting ending at the last page.


Tarun said...

Dan brown books.... the best

Anonymous said...

Angels and Demons is my favorite book. it correlates science and religion perfectly..i was astonished by illuminati..try surfing the term'll be amazed!!

Sadhika said...

arrey sahi, tu to kaafi samajhdaar nikalaa :P, waise bilkul theek likha hai, it was nice to read combo of science and religion especially thought provoking to a culturally nurtured IITian mind.

On the off side of it, mintu ke bachche tu kehna kya chahta hai? mere itne thought provoking post se tune bas "think a bit" kiya???? ultimate tuahin!!!! Takhliyaaaa :P ;)

Sadhika said...

btw angels and demons meri be fav hai

ILL[EAGLE] said...

yeah, i have written book reviews only for his books till now!

oh Cool stuff!!! please try readers, the google search of Illuminati

chalo apun dono bhai behan ek dusre ke blog par comments to karte hai kam se kam.. keep it up and encourage each other.. ;)

ILL[EAGLE] said...

On the off side, mintu ke bachche ki bua woh padhkar main hil gaya tha isliye jyada sochne layak nahi bachcha.. thrf 'think a bit' [:D]