Thursday, March 12, 2009

the 3 mistakes of my life

Chetan Bhagat, leading English Author of Indian Nationality, has presented a real time story of Gujrati friends in his newly released novel 'the 3 mistakes of my life'. There is no doubt that this 250 pages novel of Rupa Paperback publications has full right to emerge as another best seller after his '5 point someone' and 'one night @ call centre'. It inspires to resolve religious, political, social & calamity issues of life instead of getting devastated. I really appreciate the cover of nove which reflect all the aspect of novel and especially the THREE. You can observe three differnt colors, three different men and three different stump. By the end, it shows a ray of hope to Indian Cricket Lovers for having a nice Batting Strength in future due to its connection with reality.

This novel is a narrated story of three friends Govind, Ishaan & Omi and narrator is former one. All have their different aspiration related to business, cricket & religion respectively. As a stable source of income they opened up a business shop. It gave them an opportunity to train a child named Ali, as future of Indian Cricket Team. They faced a lot of problems related to politics, religion, calamities & unacceptable love. In this story, they try to overcome these problem & their committed MISTAKES. Number of mistakes is not hard to guess. Above all, the description of terrifying experience about Bhuj Earthquake and Godhra Kand is really nicely written. Pointing the message of story is hard, but 'Success' is not an obvious answer of 'attempt' is clear message that floats on every page.

A common man can easily attach himself with the story due to its connection with real incidents. It is simply a real time narrated story with lack of extra spice. So it is the call of reader whether they appreciate spicy story or real story. I feel it as a nice story which binds reader with its flow. Giving it one try will be worth ones you finish off with this medium sized novel. Personally speaking, I like the real time connection, sensual description (especially), risk taking character of child & simple story telling way of author. I will recommend this novel for all kind of people except those who are fond of good language.

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Tarun said...

i think its his best book till now.. i m waiting for his next book but lets see when he bublishes. He is also buzy in the making of 3 idiots with aamir. but This is ultimate. the humor is a bit low but on the whole very good.