Saturday, August 9, 2008

Angel & Demons

Imagination King, Dan Brown who brought Da Vinci Code and Deception Point published ambigramical 'Angel & Demons' with Pocket Star Books, New York in 2000. Dan Brown continued with his reputation as Sci-Fi Story Teller with soft hand touch on Sex for excitement. This novel of more than 500 pages focuses on the downfall of Religion with time due to Scientific Inventions. It criticizes the attempts made, by religious leaders, for intensifying the Gods presence.

Angel & Demons states the adventurous journey of Robert Langdon to Vatican City who is reputable professor & symbology expert. Vittoria is a physics scientist who accompanied Robert in her journey of saving Vatican City from the attack of Illuminati. Both defenders had successfully solved the treasure hunt in deciphering the four murder sites related to water, air, fire, earth. The election of Pope in Vatican City is the only motive which resolved in a dramatic way when world came to know about anti-religious group of Illuminati.

Suspense is the main key of Dan Brown which remains in novel till the last page. Novel is a complete set of History, Science and Religion which is signified by three different groups of Illuminati, CERN, and Vatican Church. According to me, this fiction is really appreciable and one should read atleast once. IITians can feel it as a perfect novel which correlates religion and science of a progressive world. I was in trance after reading novel due to unbelievable instances like Illuminati's exposure, Robert's Sky Dive, Vittoria's figure, labeled dead bodies. At last, I personally recommend you to read this thick novel with great determination for an exciting ending at the last page.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

First Tag: Brand... Oh! God what a new start.

Tagging, Tagging, Tagging and Tagging. What is this tagging? This question is the reason for causing me delay to respond to the tag passed to me by Mehak. Last morning I was sitting in my office and she bypassed me by saying hi. I caught her from behind and asked her "what to do? i have been tagged by you". So she explained me that tagging means you have to continue with the carried idea with your fresh thoughts.

So, here is the idea. Take any day in your life and chart out all the brands you have used. If someone asks me about brand of my shoe, shirt, jeans, belt then surely he has found a way to keep my mouth shut. Anyways, I am brand ambassador of.....

Care of my Hair is taken by CLINIC PLUS
rarely i oiled them with ALL CLEAR in surplus
CINTHOL keeps my skin shining
Rest i want is UNBRANDED clothing
My Breakfast is not meant for feast
so it only aims AMUL & ANCHOR's cheese
i advocate for HOME BRAND
for all the eating stuff lies around
My outing are labeled with NOKIA tag
accompanied with my WILDCRAFT bag
mine leather stuff is as usual
towards shoes & jeans m very casual
in afternoon lunch is all i need
COKE, DOMINOZ, SUBWAY are famous indeed
all that i need my friends HP laptop
while writing this poem i raised my concious
that i should become more brand curious
toppling the stuff around for brand
in short, is not my habit i found

Please bear this childish and arbitrarly rhyming poem with sudden ending. It was done with an intension of making this first tag memorable but after a high magtinude of strain over my mind i am unable to recall the brands of stuff i usually purchase. So, I accept that I am not brand concious and purchase whatever looks suitable to me. Anyways, i want to pass this tag to one of my friend who seems to be a bit brand concious, "Mr. Amit Sharma". He is inactive from few days and even not visiting our blog so i want to wake him up by passing this tag.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

132, Vincent Street

I wrote this few days back but not getting time to publish it. Don't confuse yourself with the publish date with written date. They are actually different.

I am neither feeling broken nor my eyes are watered. Today morning, sun rose from east, clouds rained as they generally do and my boss, buddy, fellow workers all are in time and i am late. In short, its a normal day for me & even for you. As usual small ups & down of life are being faced which, are big one for others & ignorable for few, instigates me to scribble some words over the incident happened last night.

It was 1:32 PM in my clock when I received a mail from one of my best friend, which intended to make me realize that how he was feeling at that time . I am thinking at 132 vincent street over these three digits of '132' & arbitrarly tring to connect them with the memorable joke of $132 which has been announced commenly as tragedy at 1:32am of last night after a warm discussion.
Have you ever tried to make things memorable by acting on a hoax & targetting a human being better to say a friend?? Obviously yes... in your college life. Same thing i did. I acted alongwith my senior on the script which was fake & written by me but really cheap in reading and listening to all new readers and listeners respectively. I was getting succeess in its implementation but feeling bad right from its beginning. But I continued with plans by imagining a dream situation when imprints of this hoax's consequence would become memorable for our internship in new zealand.

The end of every joke whether its' good or bad is decided by the victim's way of acceptance. If he smiles at the end of joke, it would become a memory for the moment and if he got psyched it would become a memory at later stage of time. I am feeling guilty because victim of this plan had already been victim of pervious two hoaxes and smiled thereafere. There is a major probability of facing the bad end of this hoax due to victim's circumstances. Eventhough, I took a risk and eventually, got failed in making this moment as cherishable for him & for us too.

At discrete point of time, a thought hit into the upper part of my brain that due to my fun that person is feeling stressed & ruined his relations with others. Friends, I don't want to be a hero, so it doesn't imply that i want to be vilan. Actually, I want to be a neutral character of movie who play significant role in story building and janta generally ignores them while watching movie.
I know you are feeling surprise that if i had done such a culprit then why i am not broken. Actually, I feel that this shock helps to delimit my bounderis and help me to use safety factor while defining the upper limit of tolerance of fun that can be done wiht an individual. So that i will never act on those hoax which hurts other.

Does it ever happened to you?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tailless Monkey

1, 2, 3 & 4. Naah! i think 5. Five MS (Multi Storey Building of IIT) can be placed one over the other to match the height of this Sky City Tower. Oh! I am writing this blog while sitting in my flat which is 17 floors higher than Ground Level. Even though I am not able to see the pointing tip of Sky City Tower which flashes the red color light. I am not a victim of myopia or hyperopia, actually its the sky touching buildings which obstruct the view of the Giant Sky Tower.

Now, I am sure that our ancestors were monkeys. Don't get shocked with this new line. Think carefully about the heights upto which we have reached in our daily life and that monkeys use to climb in their usual routine in jungle. In contrast, we use to jump from top of one building to another using some transport facility in city. But our developing world clearly speaks that days are not far when we will come over the bouyant force of air and without touching the earth, we will fly from one building to another via peak to peak without using flying planes. In other words, i am waiting for the day when all of us will become the monkey of new world who jumps from one building to another. If Transport convenaynce is only common factor between both of us then surely I would have satisfied myself by the quote "Man is a social animal". But Our youth loves Banana Shake which sometimes terrifies me because i feel that our 'grand grand..... father/mother' used to make some veggie stuff using their favourite banana as we invented banana shake, banana ice cream, banana cream, Banana Split, Banana Cheesecake, Banana Salad, Banana Bhajias, Banana Subji and Banana pudding in today's world. All of our living and eating habits indicates that our future is rolling back to our past. Few minutes earliar I was feeling proud about our dressing sense, Suddenly i looked out a girl without skirt, Oh! better to call it mini skirt outside my flat's window and realized that I have no more right to feel happy about 'Dressing' as a distinguishing factor between us. When i am feeling the future of human as monkey i can only feel happy about my tail which is negligible in human.

So prepare yourself to be a tailless monkey.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Deception Pont

Famous The Da Vinci Code Man DAN BROWN fed a case study dipped in suspense to it readers with his novel, 'DECEPTION POINT', published by Corgi Book, Great Britain in 2002. Turning each page of Novel create suspense in mind of Reader & led to the excitement towards amidst builded Story. Topic of Novel is justified by Author with the existence of plenty of deceptive points in life of various characters of Story and he tried to focus the deception point on Milne Ice Shelf. Novel found to be knocking at the doorways of Authentic Powers of America like NASA, NRO, White House, and Delta Forces etc.

Sometimes, Situation like failure of Delta force seems to be a lot co-incidental but it's a demand of Story. Logics felt to leave their grip when Civil Scientist took time to refute the authenticity of Meteorite. I think its authenticity became objectionable with the revealed facts from Norah Manogar's GPR printouts. I am unconvinced with the strange base of story which is found to be impractical in real world. The president of India can never be worried about existence of Pakistan. Somehow if it happens than he cannot go to such an extent in saving Pakistan's existence that it causes danger to his own personal life. Such bizarre situation forms the basis of this interesting novel which has disappointed me.

According to me, No more vague situation is present which make story up to mark and provide the connectivity. DAN has again proved himself with the perfect description of situations as a real life scenario. Scientific proofs provided by him are beyond expectation & one should go through them at least once in life. The Best part of this case-study is related to the hidden identification of Controller throughout the Novel which became a shocking & unimaginative part in end. In short, DAN has wonderfully used the Science for creating suspense which binds the Reader throughout the reading of Novel. Through his 583 pages thick novel he convinced that mind is indeed friend in dreadful time by presenting extraordinary solution in critical situations of characters at Milne Ice Shelf, Ice-berg, Shark attack etc. Reading this Case-study requires a basic knowledge in vast fields including some simple Science Laws like Buoyant Force and all. My Retrospect rate this Book as a readable stuff for IITian Guys, who found to be obviously technically Sound, if they can find time to go through 582.5 printed pages of this 4X6 inch Novel.