Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tailless Monkey

1, 2, 3 & 4. Naah! i think 5. Five MS (Multi Storey Building of IIT) can be placed one over the other to match the height of this Sky City Tower. Oh! I am writing this blog while sitting in my flat which is 17 floors higher than Ground Level. Even though I am not able to see the pointing tip of Sky City Tower which flashes the red color light. I am not a victim of myopia or hyperopia, actually its the sky touching buildings which obstruct the view of the Giant Sky Tower.

Now, I am sure that our ancestors were monkeys. Don't get shocked with this new line. Think carefully about the heights upto which we have reached in our daily life and that monkeys use to climb in their usual routine in jungle. In contrast, we use to jump from top of one building to another using some transport facility in city. But our developing world clearly speaks that days are not far when we will come over the bouyant force of air and without touching the earth, we will fly from one building to another via peak to peak without using flying planes. In other words, i am waiting for the day when all of us will become the monkey of new world who jumps from one building to another. If Transport convenaynce is only common factor between both of us then surely I would have satisfied myself by the quote "Man is a social animal". But Our youth loves Banana Shake which sometimes terrifies me because i feel that our 'grand grand..... father/mother' used to make some veggie stuff using their favourite banana as we invented banana shake, banana ice cream, banana cream, Banana Split, Banana Cheesecake, Banana Salad, Banana Bhajias, Banana Subji and Banana pudding in today's world. All of our living and eating habits indicates that our future is rolling back to our past. Few minutes earliar I was feeling proud about our dressing sense, Suddenly i looked out a girl without skirt, Oh! better to call it mini skirt outside my flat's window and realized that I have no more right to feel happy about 'Dressing' as a distinguishing factor between us. When i am feeling the future of human as monkey i can only feel happy about my tail which is negligible in human.

So prepare yourself to be a tailless monkey.