Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Deception Pont

Famous The Da Vinci Code Man DAN BROWN fed a case study dipped in suspense to it readers with his novel, 'DECEPTION POINT', published by Corgi Book, Great Britain in 2002. Turning each page of Novel create suspense in mind of Reader & led to the excitement towards amidst builded Story. Topic of Novel is justified by Author with the existence of plenty of deceptive points in life of various characters of Story and he tried to focus the deception point on Milne Ice Shelf. Novel found to be knocking at the doorways of Authentic Powers of America like NASA, NRO, White House, and Delta Forces etc.

Sometimes, Situation like failure of Delta force seems to be a lot co-incidental but it's a demand of Story. Logics felt to leave their grip when Civil Scientist took time to refute the authenticity of Meteorite. I think its authenticity became objectionable with the revealed facts from Norah Manogar's GPR printouts. I am unconvinced with the strange base of story which is found to be impractical in real world. The president of India can never be worried about existence of Pakistan. Somehow if it happens than he cannot go to such an extent in saving Pakistan's existence that it causes danger to his own personal life. Such bizarre situation forms the basis of this interesting novel which has disappointed me.

According to me, No more vague situation is present which make story up to mark and provide the connectivity. DAN has again proved himself with the perfect description of situations as a real life scenario. Scientific proofs provided by him are beyond expectation & one should go through them at least once in life. The Best part of this case-study is related to the hidden identification of Controller throughout the Novel which became a shocking & unimaginative part in end. In short, DAN has wonderfully used the Science for creating suspense which binds the Reader throughout the reading of Novel. Through his 583 pages thick novel he convinced that mind is indeed friend in dreadful time by presenting extraordinary solution in critical situations of characters at Milne Ice Shelf, Ice-berg, Shark attack etc. Reading this Case-study requires a basic knowledge in vast fields including some simple Science Laws like Buoyant Force and all. My Retrospect rate this Book as a readable stuff for IITian Guys, who found to be obviously technically Sound, if they can find time to go through 582.5 printed pages of this 4X6 inch Novel.