Saturday, November 17, 2007

Why I am?

You are right till you can judge your wrong things

My Friends were whispering in lecture theatre. I reckoned it might be related to academics so as a usual IITian I turned my face away from them. But when my ears caught the word of their gossips, I couldn't believe them. Yes, them! Neither my ears and nor my friends. We often use that word it was not a linguistic legend in dictionary but a sarcastic response to the mental situation of Individual.

One two three four… ten twelve! All of us know how to count so lets enumerate the number of suicide cases in IIT. Eighteen nineteen… twenty five and so on… In terms of thinking when real world seems to end for a person, sometime the person really ends himself for the same thinking. This word of games is really a jumbled one when it comes to real situation. Number of suicide cases is increasing with time and it is found to be more in technical institutes mainly in IIT.

There are two types of suicide cases – one is done by unsatisfied or unsuccessful person and second by satisfied or successful person. Situation is rare for those who are midway between these two extreme cases. The former type is meant for the narrow thinkers who have delimited their life to a single goal like marrying a girl or a boy, cracking unique examinations, living for a person and more like that. When such a person become unsuccessful, all things get over for him so then he turned towards committing the suicide. In case of later type, the committer founds success and get fully satisfied with his life and nothing is exciting for him so he turned negative towards life and commit suicide. We have different people in this world all have their own philosophy & own experience of life so the result is different in different cases. But the deep and the concluded reason is satisfaction. All the suicide cases are related to success and failure of and individual towards satisfying his/her soul.

There are four kinds of satisfaction – Mental, Monetary, Emotional, and Spiritual Satisfaction. Mental Satisfaction is the parametric form of satisfaction in which individual satisfies himself over different parameters of life for example by praise of his work, marrying a girl, cracking some examination and so on. Monetary Satisfaction is not only meant for giving birth to greedy persons but also to the people who believe that most of the things can be purchased by money. This satisfaction can be concluded as money earning thinking so that one never feels short in purchasing anything. Emotional Satisfaction is achieved by getting success in your emotional relations like parents, friends, society, wife, children etc. When an individual try to fulfill the needs and requirement of those persons who are emotionally attached to him then one is ,meant to search for emotional satisfaction. Spiritual Satisfaction is the empty space. In this satisfaction individual doesn’t get excited towards anything in this world. He lives his life in his own way without caring about any other thing. They never get distracted from their satisfied souls. They never intrude in others life and try to show themselves up. They just live in their empty space of soul for ex rishis, munis etc.

So in search of satisfying the soul one has to spend life. People are very rare who achieve spiritual satisfaction because they never feel sad nor feel happy they just live their life in a constant way. Those people who are only successful in purporting the spiritual satisfaction finds nothing in life and when their mental grip loosens the control they feel that leaving this world is the final destiny and try to achieve it. Few persons who takes drugs & drink too much love to take adductive things because it gives them a temporary feel of a spiritually satisfied person while they are out of their mental control. Spiritual Satisfaction is really very rare but much above then the physical form of satisfaction viz. monetary, mental and emotional. Many persons in society love to live in physical satisfaction because they realize that Spiritual satisfaction is not easy to get but led to an unsatisfied life of person. Such people remain in the trap of emotional satisfaction. For achieving emotional satisfaction people setup some goals for their life which give pleasure to the concerned person. Fulfilling that goal gives mental satisfaction to the person but those who set such goals as their final destiny feel hopeless and commit suicide. But those who try to achieve these goals in today’s world they require money for that. When such situation come again and again in persons life that he require money for all the task then individual go for the monetary satisfaction which involved individual participation in earning infinite amount of money. This cycle of mental, monetary and emotional satisfaction continues and runs while the person lives.

Now in technical institutes, bulk of people have a scientific attitude towards life so they don’t love to live life in physical satisfaction and want to achieve spiritual satisfaction which leads them towards addiction. Now we are in situation to say that only two kind of person commit suicide when their mental grip loosens – firstly, who purport to achieve spiritual satisfaction and secondly, who set up a single satisfy goal for mental satisfaction as their final destination.

“The above text is my own perspective which facilitates me to survive in this world. I have no doubt in saying this that I am satisfying myself with in the circle of mental satisfaction because I am unable to achieve spiritual satisfaction. I am just presenting my view and I am not mean to show my philosophy to spoils your philosophy”.

Friday, November 16, 2007

English vs. Indian 16

There are about 16 different languages which are being spoken in 28 states of India, seems to be a giant on the map with its unique contours. All our possessions are pursuing the cleric English. There is a general myth which exists among the massive population of our country that Indian economic progress is dependent on English speakers which means that a call center drives the economy of one country. Is it so?

According to basic definition of language, it is a systematic means of communicating by the use of sound or conventional symbols. Therefore, it is an idea which drives the economy of a country. If we want to make our country stronger in the battle of progress amongst various countries then we should anticipate innovation and not towards the proficiency in spoken English. The economic comparison of an English Speaker & an Innovator can be drawn by figuring out the monthly salary of a receptionist and innovative cadre of a firm. It is an obscured fact that a developing society proliferates the ideas and not the translators.

Japan is like a twilight which treads the linguistic parameters in progression. Japanese work freely on their innovation and ideas independently without pursuing the English Speaking world. The economic difference between Japan & India is a verdict of their respective way of progress. Brain Drain of India led the widespread of Indians over the globe but one cannot find the spread of Indian languages in such fashion. Our mother tongue Hindi is hobbling not only at International Level but in its own land India too. In fact, at International level Hindi is an endangered specie. Language guide for any one of the 16 Indian Languages can be rarely found but English Language Guides can be expected to be present at every book stall.

Our youth which is following the gospel of focusing on English Improvement for a successful career should work on their mental capabilities first and then think of measures by which they can convey their ideas. Just communication skills can bring us to the call centers but not on a seat which drives us to a successful career. Collectively, we can bring the change and can yearn by giving due respect to not only our mother tongue but to our regional languages as well. It will escalate our economic rate for sure. For communicating with other countries we can rely on translators which will lead to the formation of a progressive & developed India not the pursuing India.