Wednesday, July 2, 2008

First Tag: Brand... Oh! God what a new start.

Tagging, Tagging, Tagging and Tagging. What is this tagging? This question is the reason for causing me delay to respond to the tag passed to me by Mehak. Last morning I was sitting in my office and she bypassed me by saying hi. I caught her from behind and asked her "what to do? i have been tagged by you". So she explained me that tagging means you have to continue with the carried idea with your fresh thoughts.

So, here is the idea. Take any day in your life and chart out all the brands you have used. If someone asks me about brand of my shoe, shirt, jeans, belt then surely he has found a way to keep my mouth shut. Anyways, I am brand ambassador of.....

Care of my Hair is taken by CLINIC PLUS
rarely i oiled them with ALL CLEAR in surplus
CINTHOL keeps my skin shining
Rest i want is UNBRANDED clothing
My Breakfast is not meant for feast
so it only aims AMUL & ANCHOR's cheese
i advocate for HOME BRAND
for all the eating stuff lies around
My outing are labeled with NOKIA tag
accompanied with my WILDCRAFT bag
mine leather stuff is as usual
towards shoes & jeans m very casual
in afternoon lunch is all i need
COKE, DOMINOZ, SUBWAY are famous indeed
all that i need my friends HP laptop
while writing this poem i raised my concious
that i should become more brand curious
toppling the stuff around for brand
in short, is not my habit i found

Please bear this childish and arbitrarly rhyming poem with sudden ending. It was done with an intension of making this first tag memorable but after a high magtinude of strain over my mind i am unable to recall the brands of stuff i usually purchase. So, I accept that I am not brand concious and purchase whatever looks suitable to me. Anyways, i want to pass this tag to one of my friend who seems to be a bit brand concious, "Mr. Amit Sharma". He is inactive from few days and even not visiting our blog so i want to wake him up by passing this tag.



tarun said...

good one

Amit said...

I am trying hard to understand your cryptic!!

ILL[EAGLE] said...


i will call u and tell u in person. it was a trouble for me too ;)

Tarun said...

Please add this blog to your blogger list..

This is also mine..

ILL[EAGLE] said...


nice to have ur blog