Friday, July 15, 2016

I am Entrepreneur, Don't Kill Me

I am an Entrepreneur not a Superhero nor a Superstar who have solution to all the problems. I have a right to get failed, its part of my journey. People expect me to have all things wonderful as in fairy tale in which i will be working continuously for the dreams But I am human, I need a break. I want to be relaxed not overburdened.

There is not a surprise that most of the entrepreneurs are killed by our society, I believe they are brutally assassinated by the closest family, relatives and friends. The pressure of performance results in suicide of entrepreneurship because time is running out and we all need glory, success, fame and abundant money. That’s hope

This hope keeps on creating a lot of imagination around our close ones. Every time you meet, they expect a grand success over which they can cheer and claim to be part of it. But the inside truth is endless pain, an entrepreneur bleeds from inside. Few get success and few get killed with those expectation.

You have lost the right to be happy if you are entrepreneur. All people are critics and ready to highlight your mistakes, because you neither have right to make mistakes too. Critics can be your brother, wife, father or anyone else. 

I believe in my ideas and thoughts and may succeed before i die but this journey is all alone for sure. If you share your bad with anyone, they are going to criticise which in turns create pressure. If you share your bad with similar ones, it is going to be more messy with de-motivation. All you can do, is stop discussing you bad and nor listen to your bad because it is going to harm only. Believe in taking feedback when you want, there is no benefit of outside criticism from those who are in secured hands with salary and dependent income. 

Few pointers which strengthen me are:

  1. I am an entrepreneur not a superman
  2. I have a right to fail
  3. Don’t listen & discuss failure
  4. Take feedback when like taking it
  5. Ignore those who criticize
  6. Work which is necessary and share only good part of your story.

 I believe in standing last to the problem and solving it, request Indian society to not to stumble entrepreneurs, they are generating jobs for you. Strengthen them and just strengthen them!

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